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“My purpose is
your wellbeing”

Hello, I’m Amal, yoga teacher, nature lover, free spirit and environmentalist. For a long time, I have been seeking freedom, adventure and the best way that I can serve people and the planet. A few years back, I discovered Yoga, the science of self-development and I was determined to make it my life’s journey.

My purpose is to now share this enriching, blissful and healthy lifestyle with you. Through the 8 limbs Yoga, including Asanas (postures), Meditation and breathing, you will be empowered to improve every aspect of your life and wellbeing.

As your teacher and friend, I will help you to be your best Self and live a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. So, let’s undertake this journey, together! With Love, Amal.


Types of Classes

Monthly memberships (At the Studio/online)
  •    Subscription | Rs 1,000 (one-off fee)
  •    Once a week | Rs 1,500/month
  •    Twice a week | Rs 2,500/month
  •    3 times a week | Rs 4,000/month
Drop in Classes
  •    Anytime with prior booking | Rs 500/session
Private classes / Corporate Yoga
  •    At your home or office | Get in touch
Prenatal/Postnatal Classes
  •    Once a week | Rs 1,500/month
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Meditation is a crucial aspect of the 8 limbs Yoga.
It is a tool for self-transformation and spiritual development.

Liberate your mind and look within to feel the bliss that is the essence of your existence.
That bliss is within you, just as it is within everybody and everything.

Meditation and breathwork are free for all members and take place during class time.



Pregnancy and birthing, the sacred, natural process of life and Creation, that us women, have the privilege to experience. This is a unique time, when not only your body is going through changes, but also your emotional state and your whole life! Every birth is holy, and every birth is of the Divine. It is Consciousness taking form.

If you're pregnant and looking for ways to relax or stay fit, you might be considering prenatal yoga. But did you know that prenatal yoga might also help you prepare for labor and promote your baby's health? Learn more by clicking the MORE INFO button just below.

Weekly Schedule

  • Morning
    10h00 - 11h30


  • Afternoon
    17h30 - 19h00

    Tuesday | Prenatal yoga

    16h30 - 18h00


    13h00 - 14h30


  • Evening
    18h00 - 19h30


    18h30 - 20h00



March 17, 2021


Breathing or Pranayama, is a crucial aspect of yoga practice. It is part of the 8 limbs yoga and it is important to learn how to breathe properly. So, what is the breath and why is it important?

November 26, 2020


Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning to ‘unite’. Yoga originates from India and has been taught for thousands of years. It has often been mistaken for a religion related to Hinduism. Yoga is NOT a religion. It is a philosophy, a lifestyle.

November 26, 2020


Yogis consider the body and mind as one. When it is given yoga as a tool and placed in the right environment, it can find peace, tranquility and even heal itself. Yes! Yoga can heal and prevent diseases and illnesses. It is therapeutic and will make you feel fitter, more energetic, happier and peaceful.

April 22, 2021


Meditation is a crucial aspect of the 8 limbs Yoga. It is a tool for self-transformation and spiritual development. The ability to use this tool is a skill that one needs to learn and develop to liberate the mind from the endless flow of thoughts.

Le Pouce
Otentik Retreat
Tree pose (Vrkshasana)
Le Pouce
Morning hike
La Vallée de Ferney
Tree Planting
Otentik Retreat
The Risen Pompeii team
Gris Gris cliffs
Yoga by the ocean

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Questions, bookings or feedback? Contact me and I'll respond ASAP!
+230 5740 0110

Studio address:
Dr. Ernest Harel St, Floreal

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People     Amal's Yoga

  • Practising at Amal's Yoga has been a unique experience in the sense that with it's small group philosophy, I got a more personal attention in a chilled & peaceful environment!

  • Amal is a great human being. She has an in-depth knowledge in teaching the 8 limbs yoga and practising with her has been an enlightening experience. She masters all the asanas very well and being in a small class, she takes time to see each individual movement of her students. I will highly recommend her.

  • J'ai rejoint les classes de Amal's Yoga il y a 6 mois maintenant et je ne saurais pas m'en passer! L'enseignement de l'Ashtanga Yoga de Amal est spirituel et intuitif. Son expertise, sa passion et sa gentillesse mettent tout de suite à l'aise et se dans tout ce qu'elle fait. De nature très active, j'ai été agréablement surprise tant dans sa dimension physique que émotionnelle. Je me souviens encore à la fin de mon premier cours, j'ai ressenti un nouveau sentiment d'équilibre et de stabilité dans mon esprit normalement très vif. Après plusieurs mois de pratique régulière, je suis ravie de constater le bien être que le Yoga me procure et je vous recommande vivement afin de vous reconnecter avec vous-même. Merci Amal, Namaste!

  • I always considered yoga to be stand-alone light exercises, which did not fit into my training, which includes strength workouts and high intensity sports. Luckily, I have come to realise how complementary it can be to my training 'repairing' the body to perform better for core activities, on top of giving you the benefits of stepping back to take a breather in an increasingly stressful world. And it is anything but light!

  • I have known Amal since a few years now and the flow of conversation with her has always been enlightening.Her energy is contagious!! Having her as my yoga teacher brought up a wonderful, peaceful and challenging experience. Through her teaching, undivided attention and constant encouragement and support during her classes, I have been able to reconnect myself and really enjoy being in the moment. She puts her emotional, physical and spiritual energies into each of the poses and her explanations of their respective importance brings out the perfect balance we need. I would highly recommend her !

  • I discovered the true essence of yoga with Amal. Throughout her classes she conveys the benefits that yoga can bring to the mind, body and soul. Amal is an amazing teacher, she's warm, friendly, and the individual attention that she provides in her classes is what I was seeking. She always takes her time to demonstrate us new postures and the benefits associated with them. The bonus part of her classes is mediation where the mind is cleared and the body is fully relaxed and at peace. Amal's classes helped me find inner wellbeing and reconnect with myself. I highly recommend her if you are seeking the encompassing benefits of yoga!